Hey there

I’m Nick Fagerlund. What up. 💖


I work at Puppet, a company that makes IT automation software. I write parts of the docs site and do a variety of other stuff, mostly related to explaining how complex things work and how to use them. Hashtag #devops #thoughtmaster.

We do a conference every year, and I’ve given a few talks at it:

I’m nfagerlund on GitHub. That account is a mix of work activity and personal projects.


My personal blog is over here, and yes, I do miss the days when everyone was on LJ and feel like basically all subsequent social networks were a step backwards in several really important ways, why do you ask.

But yeah, no, I use Twitter a whole lot more.

I also put photos on Instagram. And they’re mirrored to Flickr, which I never really got comfortable using on its own.

I’m ambivalent about Tumblr, but I have one. It is nothing but reblogs. Basically a handful of my friends use it as a Google Reader sharebro replacement, which it’s… barely adequate for. 🌊Follow for more #sea business🐋

I read, I write, I run, I bike, I go on occasional adventures, and sometimes I bake bread.

Since the start of 2007, I’ve been writing short reviews of every book I read. It started as an experiment, and then it became a habit. I like it! It helps me organize my thoughts about art and life, and it’s an interesting way to keep tabs on my past self.


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